I’m a product designer interested in building tools for creative people to help them produce their best work.

I’m based in Vancouver, BC and I'm looking for my first role as designer.

User research / UI design

Improving way-finding in Figma

A design exercise exploring ways of improving way-finding for PMs and engineers within Figma.

Laptop with Figma running with several pop-out elements showing new features
User research / UI design

Collaboration in Ableton Live

A speculative design exercise for adding collaborative features into Ableton Live.

Laptop displaying Ableton Live with collaborative feature like comments and live cursors
Team lead / user research / UI design

IterateUX website redesign

Redesigning the IterateUX website to help them continue connecting young and experienced UX professionals through their community.

Desktop and mobile views of Iterate UX redesign
August 2, 2021

I miss columns

What ever happened to our trusty columns? Magazines used to be filled with them as far as the eye can see, now we've got a single layout for most of the web. Why is that?

July 4, 2021

How do I look?

I've redesigned the website! this is just a short post about that. Nothing too in the weeds.

June 5, 2021

Is software ever finished?

Software keeps changing, features come and complexity increases. Is software ever complete?

black and white photo of me smiling with short hair and a striped button up shirt
A photo of me :)

I’ve always been a tinkerer

When I was a kid, I’d build with Lego, and K’Nex because I’m keen on creating and understanding complex systems. Over time, that evolved into looking at how software tools shape the world and allow for creative output.

I got into product design because it allows me to consider a problem from the systems design all the way down to how a button looks. I care deeply about visual polish, but I spend most of my time understanding the problem and creating a plan. I find the output tends to be best that way.

I’m interested in designing tools for creatives because of the intersection between complexity of the software and the uniqueness of creative people. Creatives all have a unique approach to problem-solving. They generally have strong opinions on workflow, which creates an interesting problem space.

I’ve learned design mostly on my own and by taking courses through Interaction Design Foundation. To practice my design skills, I frequently work on personal projects, writing, and engage with the design community through IterateUX, and DesignX. I’m also reading and listening to everything about product design. Some of my favourite design podcasts are: Design Details, New Layer, and Layout.

I studied media and sound at Emily Carr University and graduated in spring 2021 with a bachelor of media arts. During my program I built multichannel sound systems, sound designed and scored short films and games, made an AR app, produced 2 EPs, and learned a host of other skills like motion design, and projection mapping. My final music project Mavericks won the President’s Media Arts Award from Emily Carr.

In my spare time you can catch me running (or can you?), designing typefaces, making music, trying new recipes, and taking pictures.


I’d love to chat about design, music, the problems you’re working on, or anything else. Email gnlconnell@gmail.com with whatever you've got on your mind.