Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

November 26, 2020
2 mins

Last week I really tried to work on things, but I think COVID was getting to me a bit because I didn’t get anywhere with any of my projects. I started the animation of Lira, and it was terrible and looked like she was throwing up, so I had to toss it and restart the animation.

The model is animated, but not super well. Because I’m not good at animating, it looks a little limited in its movement and it isn’t a very long loop. I may work on that over next week if I can get the rest of it working as it should.

I had many problems getting it exported properly and making sure it worked when converted to .scn in Xcode. There was a problem where two of the fingers weren’t animating, but the rest was. See below:

3D rendering of a girl with her hand over her face
The rogue fingers

Then there was a catastrophic error which was funny because it still animated. Not entirely sure what caused this, but I re-exported things and it was fine.

Finally, I had the model working in Xcode and running on the iPad… but then of course something else had to stop working. The mask that surrounds the painting was properly placed, but wasn’t actually masking what was behind it unless I made the mask opaque (flat white). I couldn’t figure out why this was happening because the code hadn’t changed from last week when I got that working. After switching the masking planes from clear to opaque several times it just started working again. Nothing is different, it just decided to work again, which is frustrating because I don’t know the cause of the bug. But oh well, I’ll tackle that if it shows up again.

Here is a video of the model animated with the masking working, all running of the iPad.

Next step, make the water and get it to move. I should be able to get this done this weekend (emphasis on should). If all goes well I’ll have 4 days to try to get some audio running, not sure about that yet but I’ll do my best.

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