Project Plan

October 23, 2020
1 min

I’ve figured out what I’m doing in a little more detail.

I’m going to make a painting about climate change and our responsibility to change course to foster a fruitful world for the generations to come. Along with the painting is going to be an AR app running on an iPad that will provide the viewer the chance to change the perspective of the painting and uncover new details.

Right now I’m just familiarizing myself with the tools and starting to flesh the idea on canvas. I’m going to have the painting done in the next week or so which will allow me to focus on the AR stuff which is the tricky bit.

I’m going to be using AR image detection inside of Apple’s ARkit. For the models I’m going to be using Blender and might be bringing everything together in Unity. But I’m not too sure about what that process will look like as of now.

So far, I’ve got a little demo of what I’ll be using, see the video below to see where I’m at with that. I followed this tutorial which was pretty good and easy to follow.

I’ll post some progress on the painting over the weekend.

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