Modelling is Less Hard

November 8, 2020
1 min

I frickin did it! I made a 3D model. With my bare hands! And no other tools (except of course my laptop, blender and this tutorial series).

So, I got it together with colours and everything. I will have to work on the colour side of things because I just used materials in Blender which don’t fully translate to Xcode. I’ll have to sort out UV mapping (telling the computer how to apply ‘paint’ to the 3D model) along with rigging the character (giving it ‘bones’ so it can move).

I did load it up in Xcode with the current demo app which just puts the character in front of the recognized image. It totally works and looks decent! Xcode doesn’t like the painting, though. Which is fair enough because it’s nothing special. Aside from Xcode’s taste it wants a more dynamic histogram, so more variety in lights and darks, and I need to add more small details to make sure the tracking works when you get close to the painting. Right now the AR scene cuts out if you get too close (because it doesn’t know where you are in the image). I’ve also gotta properly implement the model so it’s smooth all the way through.

So, this week's tasks are:
1. Sort out colours/materials for the model
2. Rig the model
3. Import the model into Xcode and make sure all the smoothing is working right
4. make a calm ocean in blender
5. Set up the scene as a camera instead of loading the model directly into the AR view (this will allow you to view things through the painting as if it were a window)
6. Finally, manage to get a loaf of sourdough from the Flourist (they’ve been sold out every time I’ve gone to pick up a loaf)

All that said, here is a little collection of pictures of the model and some videos as well.

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