And That’s a Wrap!

December 10, 2020
2-3 mins

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic, but I have arrived at the end. While there are a bunch of details that I couldn’t get working how I wanted, I got the bulk of things running.

Here is a demo of the AR experience:

Here is the same thing, but only viewed from the iPad's perspective (so only AR content):

I also finished an animation for my motion graphics class. We had to make a title sequence as our final project. I chose to do a fictional one about the book American Kingpin by Nick Bilton, which is a great read about Ross Ulbricht, the inventor of The Silk Road marketplace, and his eventual capture.

Here is that animation:

It’s been a good semester, I’m going to take a break and get ready for my final semester at Emily Carr.

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