Writing about software design and tracking what I learn along my journey.

Is software ever finished?

Software keeps changing, features come and complexity increases. Is software ever complete?
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Turning the Page

I graduated from Emily Carr University! This is just a quick recap of little things I've done, and where I'm headed.
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How Do We Make Music?

Music making tools aren’t designed for generating ideas, they’re designed to record ideas that have already been worked out. Times have changed and ideas usually start on the computer and are pieced together over time. Could there be a software that takes musicians from the start of an idea to a completed demo? Let’s find out.
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And That’s a Wrap!

A couple of videos of my final projects from this semester.
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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Last week I had a slow week with progress. This week is much better. But with progress comes regression (apparently). Update on animation and implementation. Generally speaking, things are looking good.
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Graphics Cards Are Important

It’s been a long week of sorting out UV mapping, trying to figure out texture painting, and finally over-rigging my character. Plus a bonus review of the bread I got!
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Modelling is Less Hard

I frickin did it! I made a 3D model. With my bare hands! This is a little update of the progress I've made over the weekend. It was a good weekend and there's lots to see.
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Modelling is Hard

Some progress pictures of the modelling process. Things are looking kind of scary for now... hopefully I can save it.
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Weekly Update #3

Just an update for the week. The painting is done, I've begun using Blender for the 3D model, and I made an animation for another class!
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Project Plan

Sorting out the plan & the details for my fall project.
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Blog Beginnings

Just stretching my blogging muscles and making sure this thing works.
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